Actor, Singer, Dancer, Musician and Business Headshots

What is a headshot, and who needs one? Not so long ago, the only people who really needed professional headshots were singers, actors, dancers and people involved in the performing arts. In fact a great headshot to them can make the difference between working and not working! 

These days though, almost everyone needs a good headshot. iPhone selfies might be great fun but they simply don't look good on your Twitter, LinkedIn, and business profile pages! Investing in good imagery is not only critical to the success of any business, it applies just as much to you. Ditch your home made profile pics and give me a call to put a professional look to your profile photos! If you're thinking "No - I hate having my picture taken because I never look good", just relax and call me! I've coached and directed countless people though their headshot sessions and it's perfectly normal to be a little apprehensive about it, especially if it's your first time. 

My studio is based in the heart of Newcastle city centre. Here's what's included in every headshot photography session:

  • A 2 hour studio-based photo shoot. If the weather is fine and dry then I am happy to add some outdoor natural-light photos to your session. Let's not forget that this is England though and making plans based on the weather is rarely wise! My studio is warm and dry and has endless supplies of tea, coffee and biscuits!

  • Unlimited photos taken. That said, I'm not going to just sit you in front of my lights and camera and shoot hundreds of identical images. During the session I'll work hard to pull different expressions and looks out of you. Maybe even give you little scenarios to think about to help you get the best expressions for your headshots that show you in the best possible light. 

  • Regular breaks to edit. During the session we'll take regular breaks to review the images we have so far, see what works for you and what doesn't. I shoot with my camera directly connected to a computer so you'll be able to see the photos instantly on a large monitor (another reason I much prefer studio shooting to the great outdoors!). As we do this, we'll discard the images that you don't like and we'll focus on what is working for you and build on that.  

  • Unlimited clothing changes. Bring a variety of different tops and we'll see what looks best on you. Change as much as you like. Also for the guys, if you want to come in with stubble and then shave halfway through the shoot so you get two different looks, that's no problem. 

  • A range of different lighting styles and backgrounds. I shoot headshots in a range of different styles; from traditional black and white theatrical headshots to more contemporary landscape formatted colour images that are more popular for TV work these days. By the end of the shoot you'll have lots of 'looks' to choose from. 

  • A personal online web gallery. Before you get home from your shoot, all of the images from the day will be uploaded to your personal, password protected online gallery. You can take as much time as you like to review the images and you'll be able to share the gallery link with your agent to help you decide which images you want retouched and delivered as 8x10 files. When you've made your decision, just let me know (you can do that right from the web gallery) and I'll retouch and edit your picks and deliver the digital files to you within 72 hours. 

  • 3 retouched images. Within 72 hours (usually much quicker...) of making your choices I'll get the retouched, cropped images to you. Additional edited images are of course available should you want . 


To book your headshot session, contact me by calling 07473 765 833 or you can email